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What is Lily & Timmy's Super, Awesome, Incredible, COVID-19 B-day! about?


“We’re going to Disneyland and we’re going to have the most super, awesome, incredible birthday ever! Yay!” yelled Timmy.

“No, we’re not!” said Dad...

Timmy and his twin sister Lily are about to have the most SUPER, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE birthday EVER. Today they are 6 years old, and their parents have promised them that they’re going to go to Disneyland!

Timmy wants to see all his favorite Disney characters in real life.

Lily wants to get a selfie in front of the Disney castle, with all of the ladies that dress up as princesses.

But then a super nasty virus comes to town and the government orders everybody to stay at home...for AGES. To make matters worse, the twins discover - to their dismay - that their beloved Disneyland is CLOSED!

Determined to have fun anyway, Lily and Timmy ask Mom if they can do some of their other favorite things.

Could they go to the movies instead? No.

What about Chuck E. Cheese? Nope.

Have Nana and Papa over to play? Definitely nope.

It seems like COVID-19 has taken away every possible plan for birthday fun, and Dad’s not much help when he insists on being six feet away from everyone at all times…

But Mom is determined that the twins will still have a super, awesome, incredible time, so she puts on her “Mom” hat and comes up with a plan - just like moms always do!

But how do you replace a Disneyland trip? And what is Dad’s special birthday present for the twins?

Lily and Timmy are in for a whole afternoon of surprises that will delight young readers and make everybody forget they’re stuck in their boring old home. The twins’ birthday definitely doesn’t go to plan, but with a little imagination, Mom saves the day!

In this heartwarming tale for the modern age, a young family finds themselves in the same housebound predicament that many of us have found ourselves and our loved ones in during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Written with humor and warmth that will appeal to parents and children alike, Lily & Timmy’s Super, Awesome, Incredible, COVID-19 B-day! celebrates the innovation and creativity that many have discovered amidst the chaos. Beautifully illustrated with fun and engaging pictures throughout, this is the perfect shared reading experience for families who have missed out on holidays, special occasions and events because of the health crisis.

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About The Authors

A picture of childrens' book authors Mike Farrell and Jacob Horn

Mike Farrell & Jacob Horn

Mike and Jacob are creatives and longtime friends who love telling stories. They have worked on many creative projects together, including a TV pilot, a spec Doritos commercial, an interactive Nike event, and now, Lily & Timmy's Super, Awesome, Incredible, COVID-19 B-day! Mike and Jacob never thought that they'd create an illustrated children's book, but they had a lot of fun doing it and plan on creating many more to come. 

A picture of funny kids' book author Mike Farrell

About Mike

At age nineteen Mike was selected as an alternate to have his TV comedy Community College optioned by Fox Broadcasting, in a contest held by the Producer’s Guild of America two years prior to NBC’s Community. He started his comedy career as the youngest member of Denver’s improv comedy troupe Mouth Off, later moving on to the Groundlings to continue his comedy training. In 2009, Mike served as a production intern for The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (where he was given the nickname “Clonan” due to his similar flowing red hair). When the Tonight Show was cancelled in 2010, Farrell transitioned his internship to Reveille (producer, The Office and The Biggest Loser) to continue to follow his passion for working in television. After graduating summa cum laude from CSUN’s multimedia program in 2012, Farrell created several viral comedic projects that were recirculated on multiple pop culture hubs, including Buzzfeed, Sports Illustrated, Killsometime.com, and Barstool Sports. Farrell co-created a TV pilot called Cockpit, a workplace comedy about regional airline pilots, which he is currently shopping to the networks and streaming platforms.

A picture of comedic childrens' book writer, filmmaker, and director, Jacob Horn.

About Jacob

Jacob was born and raised by a very musical family in central California. His father was a musical theatre performer and his mother a jazz singer and stage actor, so Jacob was raised in the green room of their hometown venue. Music and movies were a huge part of Jacob’s childhood, so it is hardly surprising that those two passions became his life and love. Jacob departed film school earlier than expected so that he could start working in the industry, beginning as an assistant with SpectreVision and later using his hard-earned skills to become a freelance producer. Jacob went on to produce TV pilots, Nike commercials, and many other creative endeavors. In 2018, he was brought in to work on Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In 2020, Jacob was scheduled to work on a JJ Abrams project in Vancouver which was unfortunately postponed, due to coronavirus concerns. In his most recent work, Jacob has produced and edited Zoë Bell’s Boss B*tch Challenge which blew up on the internet and gained millions of views overnight, garnering the attention of IGN, People Magazine, Vanity Fair, Gizmodo, Unilad, io9, and dozens of other popular blogs. 

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